Fortune 500 Cyber Security Expertise and Support Designed for Mid-sized Organizations

We Understand Your Cyber Security Issues

Led by CIOs from companies like Bank of America, Chevron and Apple, the CSI team thoroughly understands the importance of a robust cyber security solution. Our team also sees that the process of finding the right solution (and keeping it) is overwhelming many CIOs and IT Directors. Large data integration firms can drain resources quickly. Finding expert staff is incredibly difficult, and keeping them is even harder.

A comprehensive cyber security strategy involves an extremely broad range of skills. Organizations need security experts who will deliver reliable and ongoing advice, expertise, service and support. They need to rely on these experts as trusted allies and partners with the single-minded objective of keeping the enterprise, its data, and its infrastructure safe and secure for the future.

CSI Delivers Tailored, Affordable Cyber Stack Security

CSI’s set of offerings and capabilities provide a “cyber stack” approach for our clients, which delivers an integrated set of services, custom designed to meet each client’s unique set of requirements, all for less than the cost of one full-time employee.

  • Expert Solutions

    With an Advisory Board of 15 former CIOs of Fortune 500 companies, we truly understand the challenges your organization faces. When you engage with CSI, you are backed by these experts who have been in your shoes and appreciate the often overwhelming task of keeping your organization secure.

  • Full Range of Cyber Security Skills

    An effective cyber security program will engage the C-suite, the Board of Directors, the Audit committee and IT professionals on the client side. CSI provides the CIO-level strategic advisors skilled at engaging and committing the highest level stakeholders to the process of implementing a thorough program. The same advisors engage in the assessment phase of the program, to become very familiar with your organization’s baseline security situation. At this time, we also bring in our experts in the very detailed work of prevention, detention, reaction and education. This wide range of skill sets would be difficult to duplicate even with four or five dedicated full-time employees.

  • Exceptional Value

    When compared to the alternatives, the CSI approach represents an incredible opportunity to hire a full team of dedicated cyber security professionals for the cost of one full-time cyber security staff member.

The CSI Cyber Stack Solution – How it Works

CSI offers you peace of mind by acting as your Virtual Cyber Security Team™. CSI is a single point of contact for all aspects of digital security. We work with you on everything from first phase assessments to emergency responses. Here is an overview of the typical engagement process:


First, you need buy-in. Our award-winning team of former global CIOs excel at raising awareness at Board, C-Suite and employee levels. We work with a board member to create a Risk Committee, engaging legal, audit and IT staff.

Risk Classification

The kick-off phase of the project. Our experts create a Risk profile of your company’s operations. This thorough intake process reviews your entire business and is the foundation to the CSI approach.

Establish Materiality Rank

The CSI team categorizes operational activities against the Risk profile, assigns financial value for each Risk category, and measures against other categories.

Evaluate Capability Maturity

Next, we quantify your company’s level of capability to defend each risk category and use a standard framework that helps you diagnose your capability maturity (e.g. C2M2) and gives a basic benchmark of your capabilities relative to other companies in your sector.


CSI will help you establish the appropriate level of funding, based on highest needs and capacity.

Create Your Company’s Action Plan

With a budget in place, CSI will create a baseline plan of activities that align with funding that address the specific needs of your business. This is not a cookie-cutter approach.


The Virtual Cyber Security Team is staffed with experts required for your business situation. CSI creates project plans and executes them. We maintain and update hardware and software, and implement a Security Operations Center for ongoing vigilance – monitoring your security situation, advising on new developments and responding as threats emerge. As needed, additional company-wide evaluations will be run to ensure the CSI program is comprehensive and flexing to make the changing needs of your business.

Jim Noble

As a former CIO, I recognize the immense security challenges facing IT Directors and CIOs. It’s what keeps us up at night. CSI’s mission is to provide a comprehensive solution to your digital security needs, becoming your Virtual Cyber Security Team. We address all your security needs from implementation to ongoing education, and we can do it quickly at a reasonable cost.

Jim NobleCEO, Cyber Security Integrators

Your Cyber Security Solution is Available Now

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