The CSI Mission – Solving the Cyber Security Challenge

CSI was founded to address a challenge that our leadership team faced repeatedly as CIOs. To address cyber security, there were essentially two options.

  • Hire a large consulting firm and pay exorbitant prices for their staff and their software.
  • Hire in-house employees who are hard to find and even harder to retain.

CSI recognized that to maintain a robust security program, mid-cap companies needed a solution that delivered the full range of dedicated IT security services at a reasonable cost.  CSI’s mission is to deliver this third option:

  • Partner with a team of cyber security experts including former Fortune 500 CIOs and tactical security specialists. Engage the Virtual Cyber Security Team™ for all your cyber security needs from initial analysis to monitoring to response. Pay annual fees that are less than the cost of one full time employee, while benefiting from the knowledge of 350 expert practitioners.

A Service You Can Trust

When you are considering partners to address your organization’s cyber security needs, trust is integral to your decision-making process. CSI is established as a leader in delivering dependable service and timely response. CSI is veteran-owned and the only group ever endorsed by the world’s leading financial institutions and news media.

The CSI Difference

  • We’ve Been There

    Our advisory board of 15 former CIOs of global Fortune 500 companies, backed by 350 cyber security specialists understands the threat of security breaches, because they have experienced it first hand.

  • A Balanced Approach

    The key to CSI’s successful cyber security program is a balanced approach – giving equal attention to prevention, detection and response.

  • We are Vendor Neutral

    CSI is not in the business of selling software. We will work with the tools you have and if additional solutions are required we can make unbiased recommendations.